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Mike Molina
Sr. Loan Officer – Bay Area Manager
NMLS#: 230545

Client Testimonial

“I would give more than 5 stars if allowed. Mike was nothing short of amazing! I had a unique situation and not only was Mike able to handle it flawlessly, he exceeded all my expectations. He called me 4 days before close to tell me he got my rate lowered another eighth. Who does that? Mike, that’s who. He has earned my business for life.”

– John A.

Today’s Low Rates

***Rates provided for comparison Purposes Only. Not all programs are shown. Displayed rates are for PURCHASE scenarios. This is not an official rate quote. For loans in process, you must contact your loan officer for a real-time quote and to lock your rate. Rates subject to change without notice according to market conditions. Please review full disclosure below.***

Last Update: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 7:00 am PDT
Conforming ProgramsRatePointsAPR
30 yr Fixed Rate [FICO 740+]4.5000.9904.635
80/10 [FICO 740+] [2nd mtg 6.54%]4.8750.0004.999
15 yr Fixed Rate [FICO 740+]4.0000.6254.125
10/1 Hybrid ARM [FICO 740+ 20% down]4.5000.0004.625
7/1 Hybrid ARM [FICO 740+ 20% down]4.3750.0004.499
Conforming "High Balance" (HB) ProgramsRatePointsAPR
HB 30 yr Fixed Rate [FICO 740+]4.3750.5004.425
HB 80/10 [FICO 740+] [2nd mtg 6.24%]4.5000.0004.651
HB 15 yr Fixed Rate [FICO 740+]3.8750.0004.001
HB 10/1 Hybrid ARM [FICO 740+ 20% down]4.2501.0004.399
HB 7/1 Hybrid ARM [FICO 740+ 20% down]4.1251.0004.234
Jumbo ProgramRatePointsAPR
Jumbo 30 yr Fixed Rate [FICO 760+]4.5000.8754.611
Government ProgramsRatePointsAPR
FHA / VA 30 yr Conforming4.250/4.3750.0004.437/4.397
FHA / VA 30 yr "High Balance"4.500/4.6250.250/0.2504.701/4.697
USDA / RURAL HOUSING4.2500.0004.298
Prime RateRateDate
Wall Street Journal4.250%06/15/2017

Except Government Loans, Conforming and High Balance loan products assume a 20% down payment. Jumbo loan products assume 25% down payment. view more specifics
***Rates shown are for marketing and comparison purposes only.  Rates, and points are subject to change without notice.

Today’s Low Rates – the Specifics and Assumptions

  • Government loan (FHA/VA) rates assume a loan amount of $160,000 or greater and a FICO score of 660 or greater.
  • Conventional loan rates assume a loan amount of $200,000 or greater and a FICO score of 760 or greater, and a down payment of 20% or more – unless shown otherwise.
  • Jumbo loan rates assume a loan amount of $625,501 or greater, and a down payment of 25% or more.
  • Unless shown otherwise, all rate quotes assume the loan is for the purchase of a Primary Residence.
  • Rate & Term refinances will have a slightly higher rate.
  • Cash-out refinances will have a higher rate.

There are many programs and options available not listed here.  Please call to learn more about other options and programs that may meet your needs better.

Rate-Lock Policy and Terms:

  • You may “lock-in” your interest rate M – F, from 8:30am to 5:00pm, EST.
  • Rate-locks are for periods of 30, 45, 90, 120, 150, and 180-days.
  • The longer your lock-in period, the higher your rate will be.
  • You may only “lock-in” your rate if you are refinancing or are purchasing a home and have a fully executed Purchase Agreement/Contract.
  • Upon locking in your rate, you will receive a “Lock Disclosure” email from our office within 24-business hours.
  • If you lock in your rate and rates improve by 0.25% or more, we can relock your rate (float down) to a lower rate.   This option is available only once.

Rate/APR and terms may vary based on the creditworthiness of the individual, loan size and type.

The following loan types/features carry higher rates and are not quoted on this page:

  1. Condominiums.
  2. Properties with 2 – 4 units.
  3. Investment properties/non-owner-occupied property loans.
  4. Conventional/High Balance Loans with FICO scores less than 760.
  5. Loan amounts below $200,000.
  6. “Cash-out” refinance loans (refinances where more than $1000 is received at closing) will have a higher rate of approximately 0.125% and may or may not – depending on market conditions – have a Discount Point, in full or in part.

Loan amounts and/or FICO scores below these minimums will have higher rates due to saleability and risk.  Please contact us for an exact quote on your specific loan scenario.  The rates listed above are general and are meant to provide a reasonable estimate of a what an interest rate for your particular loan might be.   The rates may or may not be current at any time due to unpredicable and sudden movement in the market throughout the day.

Rates are subject to change without notice based on market conditions.  Rates can and do change daily – sometimes throughout the day.  Please call to get an exact quote for your particular loan.

Mortgage Comparison

30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate

Last Update: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 7:00 am PDT
LenderRate PointsAPR
Citywide Home Loans
10-Business Day Close!
Bank of America4.3750.9944.597
Wells Fargo
(25% Down Payment)

***Rates shown are for marketing and comparison purposes only and are subject to change without notice. High Balance Program limits vary by county. Posted rates are not a Good Faith Estimate. Please contact our office directly for a personalized rate quote.

Effective as of January 1, 2018
No of UnitsConforming LimitConforming/High Balance Limit


Having worked with Mike for the past 2 years I can state with the utmost confidence that he has been pivotal to my success as a Real Estate Broker and to those who work for my brokerage. As the economic climate once again changes in favor of a sellers market, Mike is able to offer our buyers aggressive rates with unbeatable terms. I know of two Mortgage Brokers in all of CA that can truly do a 21 day close and Mike is one of them. Furthermore, his attention to detail, constant updates, excellent communication with both myself and the client makes him an exception in the mortgage industry. Some say quality not quantity other say the opposite – with Mike you get the best of both worlds = 20 years of industry experience with absolute professionalism.

Diana G.

Mike Molina has helped many of my Buyers obtain financing in the past few years. With lending guidelines getting stricter many of my clients were facing very complex challenges in obtaining financing for their primary homes as well as for investment properties but again and again Mike was able to find solutions for each of my clients that best suited their needs and their budgets. Always going the extra mile because he really cared about my Buyers – that is what mattered the most to my clients. I would highly recommend him to any Realtor or home buyer out there!!

Maui D.

We were first time home buyers and we found Mike Molina to help us with our loan. From the get go he was very responsive. We always had a million questions and he would patiently walk us through the details. He made the whole process very easy and free of tension and offered competitive interest rates for first time buyers! Towards closing we ran into an issue where the investor was taking way longer than proposed to sign off on our loan ( something completely out of Mike’s control). Mike switched the loan to a different investor and personally took on the fee to give us the same interest rate we had locked. That to me was such a standout!. Mike was even there on the day we signed our title papers. He would always get back to us within a couple of hours – outstanding customer service. Come time for re fi I know who to go to. ? Thank you Mike!

Dipiti S.

Mike was always professional and returned calls and emails promptly. He took time out of his day to review documents and quotes so that I completely understood my loan and terms. He was there through signing documents to following up after we closed.

Bob M.

Mike Molina was referred to me by my real estate agent and at first I was a little skeptical. You know when your friends hype up a movie too much and then you’re worried you won’t like it because you have such high expectations and then you’re STILL totally impressed with it? That’s my experience of working with Mike and his crew. I should also add that I was a mortgage broker for 2 years so I’m a knowledgable customer to say the least. First about Mike. Super friendly, extremely knowledgeable and a 10 for 10 when it comes to following through. Oh, and another thing! He always uses the phrase “under promise and over deliver” and that is just what he does. Did I mention his low rates too? Not only has Mike Molina earned our lifelong business and eternal recommendation, but I’d come right out and say you’re probably getting the short end of the stick by going with anyone else.

Jeremy W.

We are so happy to have worked with Mike Molina. Working for a mortgage company I didn’t expect for it to be so smooth and so fast, but it was. He knew what he was doing, he was very professional, he got back to us right away, he answered all of our questions, and insured us that things will run smoothly. Very nice person and has good communication skills. Will for sure refer all my friends and family to him! Even now after the loan has closed, he keeps in touch and makes sure everything is good. Very good customer service. We truly appreciate all he has done! Glad to know that their are still good loan officers out there! Thank you Mike! Hope to bring you more business real soon!

Dennis M.

I want to mention how wonderful an experience I had with Mike Molina and Citywide Home Loans. He went to great lengths to help me close on my home loan, even when I wasn’t so sure I would qualify. I received quality service from Mike especially when I was having difficulties with the whole loan process. Mike has such awesome expertise in handling everything that comes with getting a home loan. I was having computer issues ( I’m not very computer savy) and he was always pleasant, extremely courteous, and even patient with me. He truly made a difference in how quickly we were able to close. Mike was approachable from the very beginning and when he couldn’t get to something ( he was out of state or on another project) he had his assistant Maria Dennis help and she was exceedingly helpful and has exceptional organizational skills. Mike, Maria and the whole Citywide crew have the willingness, knowledge and professional skills to get you into a home fast. Getting into your own home can be so stressful, but Mike and Citywide made it a pleasant experience. I would recommend Citywide Home Loans in a heartbeat to anyone looking for an awesome team to help you close on your home loan.. Thanks again Mike you were so fantastic to work with.

Cindy P.

In the world of Loans and Loan Officers, Mike Molina is nothing short of a miracle worker. He recently did two rental property loans for us in less time than it took a major local credit union to get our paper work together. We dumped the credit union that had a fantastic interest rate and started our loans with Mike Molina at our Realtors advice (Lezlee Gorey), not only were the closing costs less, but he got us a better interest rate!!!!!! Because of employment issues Mike had to do our paperwork TWICE and he still got out loans done in less than three weeks!!! He always answered the phone and was on top of everything. Thanks Mr. Molina.

Gerald and Lisa O.

I recently purchased my first home and was expecting a super stressful process from start to finish. I was dreading the entire loan process, so much so I was considering renting for the rest of my life. Well, finding a house I liked was the hardest part and the loan part was a breeze. Mike was completely hands on from the beginning helping me close in record time. My little family found our perfect first home and had our keys in hand all within that same month. I have never heard of escrow closing so soon! If you are looking for the home of your dreams, contact Mike who can help you with the financial end of it. He will work seamlessly with your agent and you to get you in your home in record time. Thank you Mike!

A. S.

I would give more than 5 stars if allowed. Mike was nothing short of amazing! I had a unique situation and not only was Mike able to handle it flawlessly, he exceeded all my expectations. He called me 4 days before close to tell me he got my rate lowered another eighth. Who does that? Mike, that’s who. He has earned my business for life.

John A.

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Citywide Home Loans and CHL Mortgage are not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the Federal government.

Citywide Home Loans

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At Citywide Home Loans, we work hard to deserve your trust and confidence. Obtaining a home loan can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. With the standards of our “Client Care Program” and with the addition of our state-of-the-art mortgage technology, it is our ambition to make the mortgage loan process a positive and rewarding experience.

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